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Monday, February 15, 2010

New "review" of old technology; canon eos kiss x3/t1i

I have had and loved my canon eos kiss x3 for about half a year now, and am only now starting to realize that other people might be interested in hearing a total, 100%, novice know nothings` review on the thing. Being such a rubbish photographer in my opinion is a bit of a blessing due to the fact that I am speaking from a total beginners standpoint. this means that I will provide the information that is truly important to total dslr beginners. However, I will provide some detailed information that I have learned during the coarse of using the dslr that may interest a more experienced novice audience in a later post. So without further ado...

I purchased the camera on The canon x3 comes in 3 different configurations here in Japan they are; the body only (if you already have a battery of lenses I recommend this configuration), the body + single lens kit which contains the canon ef-s 18-55mm kit lens, and finally what is called the double zoom kit which comes with the same ef-s 18-55mm plus a canon ef-s 55-250mm zoom lens. I bought the single lens kit because as I have mentioned many times in this post I am a beginner so the kit lens was sufficient. Also on the advice of a Japanese blogger called jetdaisuke at I purchased the canon ef50mm lens with a f stop of 1.8 also on amazon, also dirt cheap. I will also discuss this lens in a later post as it comes highly recommended from several in-the-know people, as well as your humble narrator ;). The first thing I noticed out of the box was that the camera took sharp images without even touching the manual settings. Instantly I knew I was in love with this camera. the pictures are clear and beautiful and here are a few examples straight out of the box:

These images were taken on the first day of receiving the camera, I just popped on the lens and began shooting. As you can see the images, composition aside, are beautiful.

Furthermore, as an added bonus the camera shoots video in 720p at 60fps(awesome). So if you are a complete novice/newbie to the dslr market this camera is a great buy for the price. Since I have been using this camera the only complaint I have is that the kit lens is less than spectacular. But since the lens was included at only about ¥10,000 (about $111)above the body only kit I would still recommend it for the novice. so this dslr for its price, performance, all around functionality gets a strong recommendation from this humble blogger. So if you are a wannabe photog like me, or just want a dslr to take your already descent camera skills to the next level you could do worse than the canon eos kiss x3.

If your Japanese is fairly good I highly recommend you to check out jetdaisuke`s very entertaining and informative blog @ *)