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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CANON KISS X4, bound to be worth a look

So, after just finishing my scant review of the kiss x3 DSLR camera I am back with a preview of Canon`s newest entry into the DSLR camera market. The Canon Kiss x4/T2i/550D DSLR which will be available February 22 here in Japan and is evidently scheduled to be released sometime in March in North America.
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I am beyond excited about this worthy step up from the x3 camera, but also annoyed. I am annoyed because for starters the x3 is barely a year old, and as my previous post revealed I only just purchased my x3 DSLR a few months prior. That being said this x4 is going to be quite an entry level DSLR camera indeed with some added features that make it well worth the step up in price.

First, The x4 hosts a stereo microphone jack, which the x3 camera curiously does not. So if you intent is to use the camera for video then the updated x4 is sure to please. Secondly it will shoot 18.7 megapixel stills compared to the 15.1 megapixels sported by the previous camera. Also the display screen is wider and the buttons have been reconfigured. There are several improvements in the video department as well which more than make the x4 camera a lively competitor at any level of the already crowded DSLR camera market. Check out Engadget for more details on the kiss x4/T2i/550D DSLR camera likewise hit them up for the official press relese.
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